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Best Hotels In Arusha

In this article I have provided a brief overview of the best hotels in Arusha. I’ve arranged my reviews into three categories – cheap and cheerful, more comfort, and premium and luxury. Whatever your budget is, there is a perfect hotel or guest house here for you.

Budget Options

Feel like enjoying an Arusha holiday on a budget with spending money left over? Here are some of the best budget hotel options in Arusha.  

4Js Hotel & Tours

This hotel is located in central Arusha and is popular with business and leisure travellers. The rooms are clean and modern and the service is adequate. You could do a lot worse for the price.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $45 for a standard twin or double to $55 for a deluxe double. Note: Hotel tax is not included in the room price.

Ideal for: Travellers looking for some comfort but at a cheap price.

Main selling factor: Clean, modern rooms. 5km from Arusha city centre. Wifi in all rooms. 

Other Budget Options

  • Korona House Bed & Breakfast: A simple B&B a little way outside of Arusha. ~$35-$40 a night
  • Natron Palace Hotel: It’s functional and central, but don’t expect any charm. ~$40-$50 a night
  • Hotel Aquiline: It’s not the prettiest of hotels, but clean, friendly and central. ~$30-$40 a night

Comfort Options

If comfort and relaxation are a high priority for you, then these are some of the best comfort hotel options in Arusha. 

Christina House

Total peace, harmony and authenticity can be found at Christina House. A short drive outside of Arusha, the guest house offers 10 lovely rooms and great service for an unbeatable price. If you can secure a booking, then book immediately.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $45 for a single to $65 for a double and $100 for a triple. Note: Hotel tax is not included in the room price.

Ideal for: The discerning traveller looking for an authentically quaint African experience at a bargain!

Main selling factor: It’s small and quiet. It has beautiful jungle scenery around the guesthouse with great local cuisine.

planet lodge

Planet Lodge

A little way outside of Arusha, Planet Lodge offers great accommodation lodges set in a beautiful garden. It has a fantastic bar, swimming pool and restaurant. The service is excellent!

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $80 for a single to $120 for a double. Note: Hotel tax is not included in the room price.

Ideal for: It’s great for families and couples alike.

Main selling factor: The swimming pool and large gardens are a treat. The service is excellent and the lodges are very comfortable.

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel offers western standard quality at a very affordable price. You can expect all the bells and whistles that come with a good 4-star hotel. The rooms are very modern and amenities are varied (spa, fitness centre, good restaurant, Wifi in the rooms). It’s located centrally in Arusha.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $135 for a standard room to $160 for a superior room and $200 for a deluxe.

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Ideal for: Travellers accustomed to Western comforts, or for people who want to be based centrally.

Main selling factor: It has a spa and gym. Wifi in all rooms. The rooms are modern and the location is very central.

Luxury Options

Want to be treated like a king and queen during your stay? Well, look no further than these luxury hotel options in Arusha. 

Kibo Palace Hotel

This is a fantastic hotel, located in the centre of Arusha. It includes great rooms, a poolside bar, a fitness centre, a spa, an awesome restaurant and all-area Wifi access. It’s known for its great service.

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $150 to $200, excluding hotel tax.

Ideal for: Travellers looking for a central location that provides the best quality and service for an affordable price.

Main selling factor: Its location and amenities, which are all 5-star quality.

The Arusha Hotel

Four Points by Sheraton (The Arusha Hotel) is by far the best hotel in Arusha. It includes all the amenities that you would expect from a 5-star hotel. It’s claim to fame is being the oldest hotel in the region – founded in 1894!

Costs: Room prices with breakfast included range from $180 for a superior room to $230 for an executive deluxe, and $350 upwards for a suite, excluding hotel tax.

Ideal for: The discerning traveller!

Main selling factor: It has a real old school colonial feel. It has fantastic service and brilliant amenities. You can’t knock this hotel, but it comes at a price.

Other Luxury Options

  • Mount Meru HotelEverything you would expect from a top hotel.   ~$150-$200 a night
  • The African Tulip: It’s a super nice hotel. If budget is not a problem, then book a room here. ~$150-$200 a night
  • Kili Villa Guest House: This is my favourite guest house in the region. It has proper luxury but it comes at a price for $550 a night
  • Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp Hotel: A good hour away from Arusha on Lake Manyara. It’s a really great safari spot and costs $180 a night

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Thanks for reading my article! I hope your next stay in one of the best hotels in Arusha lives up to your expectations and more. 

Still have questions about where to stay in Arusha and which hotels are best? Leave us a comment below and we will respond within 24 hours. If you would like to provide a review on one of the hotels above or suggest any hotels that you think should be included here, please also leave a comment below.

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