Tanzania is a huge country and tourist destinations can be split into the north (Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro), the South (Selous game reserve, Mikumi and Ruaha), the west (Gombe stream, Mahale Mountains and Katavi) and East (Zanzibar).

Statistics of the safari tourists shows that 5% visit the west, 25% south while 70% of tourist flocks to northern Tanzania.

Why You Should Visit Tanzania

Tanzania is known to be East Africa’s largest country covering the surface area of 945,203 square kilometers. There are surely many reasons to visit Tanzania; nature safaris and wildlife viewing, trekking mountains in search for Chimpanzee, great cultural diversity offers an amazing experience, beach vacation in Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean, rich historical background may answer a lot of questions about the history of East Africa, marine experience and pristine beauty of both terrestrial and marine life.