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Laying in the Great Rift Valley are the great lakes, Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and, further south, Lake Malawi/Nyasa. There are three national parks, within or along these lake that have, for a long time, offered safe opportunities to see humankind’s closest relatives, Chimpanzees, in the wild. The habitats of these areas is the merger of West Africa and East Africa therefore the cultures, climate and flora are unique to this small area. The wested circuit is rarely experienced on its own, it is mostly an addition to northern or southern safari circuits or both. The great lakes circuit is so remote that, sometimes, air, boat and road transport needs to be organized.

Statistics show that this western Tanzania touristic circuit attracts merely 5% of tourists. Western touristic circuit copmprises of Mahale Mountains national park, Gombe Stream national park, Katavi national park, Rubondo Island national parks, Ibanda-Kyerwa national park, Burigi-Chato national park, Karagwe-Rumanyika national park, Saanane national park and Ugalla River national park.

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