Tanzania’s southern national parks and game reserves are arguably the hidden treasures of the country’s natural heritage. These wilderness areas are enormous with some of the highest concentration of animals anywhere in Africa and spectacular diversity of wildlife including a multitude of colourful birdlife. The lodges and camps of the south are small and intimate, with no more than 30 rooms or tents at the very most. This means that there are far fewer tourists in the South compared to the north, which allows the areas to hold true to the tenets of eco-tourism. The travel times between parks in the south are long as the parks are far apart. The parks in the south can be visited independently or as a circuit combining various parks in the package. Packages can be arranged using scheduled air services or as a road safari using 4*4 vehicle.

The best season to tour southern parks is during dry season because most routes are impenetrable during rainy season. And, and because of huge sizes of southern park, we advise concentrating on a single park because there will be a lot to see.